The increase in technology and advent of digital media has changed the publishing landscape, Rao Publishing House has risen to the occasion of providing a balanced publishing solution to authors that facilitate great exposure across self-publishing and traditional publishing for both digital and in-print media.

Corporate Overview

Incorporated in Washington State, U.S.A, Rao Publishing House operates as an independent publishing company founded by a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur who seek to create a platform where authors can take advantage of an innovative technology to publish profitably through both traditional publishing and electronic publishing media. empowers authors to get published through self-publishing and/or traditional publishing in both digital and in-print medium.

Since inception, Rao Publishing house has published books for the academia and others that address pertinent socio-economic issues. We continue to deliver value to all stakeholders and made meaningful contributions to the society.

Rao Publishing House publishes a broad range of topics and embraces talented authors across board. We leverage the latest technology in the publishing world to deliver quality products that give value to the reader. We work to deliver products beyond the expectations of authors, librarians, and book distribution partners who are important stakeholders in our business. We continue to innovate and challenge our success in view of attaining great quality products at reasonable prices.

Our Vision

To be the innovation leader creating excellent media for every author to publish profitably

Mission Statement

To enhance the value chain in the publishing industry by delivering excellent products and outstanding services to all stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Passion for Excellence– we do not rest on our laurels, we continually strive to achieve excellence in all our projects
  • Customer Oriented services– we offer customer-centric services in order to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Our People– our employees form a vital part of the team that drives our services, we empower them to maximize their potentials.
  • Innovation & Technology- we consistently apply innovation and technology in the spirit of continuous improvement of our services.
  • Partnership– we believe in partnership and work with our stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

The Rao Advantage

We deliver quality content at great prices to our book distributors, we offer our authors royalties above the industry average and engage in aggressive marketing geared at promoting our titles. We understand the needs of authors, librarians, and our book distribution partners and align our products and services in view of exceeding their expectations. These are the factors that give us an edge and set us apart from our competitors.

At Rao Publishing House, we have devised an arsenal of marketing tactics that we deploy for each and every one of the products that we publish digitally.

We do thorough SEO research in order to rank our title for the appropriate keywords, we leverage on our existing network to build massive cognate anchor links to the books we publish. We convert the titles to ePub and other Kindle formats for faster download and increased attention from meta browsers so that the Book shows up in more search engines.

Our professional Book design cover artists do design attractive and eye-catching Book Cover which is an important factor in sales conversion.

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